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Feed corn grits or white rice into machine, machine will self heat it and puff them to be ready to eat crispy snack food, suitable for people at all ages, especially popular among kids.

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Model: CX1

Name: Latest technology snack food extruder

Output shape: hollow sitck, solid stick

Cx1 food extruder.jpg

Hollow stick snack.jpg

Solid stick snack.jpg

It is composed of feeding inlet system, puffing system, engine system, etc. Heart is puffing system. Puffing system is composed of screw, screw sleeve (another name for it is screw barrel), die (another name for it is shape mould), machine head, front cylinder. Machines take in raw white rice, corn grits, and rice or grits go into puffing system, will flow into a narrow space between screw ad screw sleeve. When  machine is running, screw and screw sleeve rotates at very high speed. Under frication and squeezing, material produces high temperature. Screw discharges high temperature material out of machine instantly and material is becoming puffed instantly, then become edible puff food.

ModelMotor   power CapacityMachine RPM
CX1 7.5kw, III phase, 4P45-50kg/hour480r/m

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